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2014 Goals

October 15th, 2013

Wow, 2013 has come and literally rushed past us quicker than I can express.  With time running away as it has been, I can only hope that a few of these last few moments linger for quality enjoyment.

I was able to learn several aspects of customer service and add them to the arsenal that I can now claim on my belt loop . . . if I may ever do so with out the extreme wrath of my previous employer.  I plan on going into my life skills, progress and learning in the very near future, along with my complaints!!!!!  I am eager to use radical and immediate goals to get my arsenal progressing in a manner that I would like.

Training and certification for 2014:

As with these and all other forms of certification I also look at taking on tasks that deal with SQL 2012, a private intranet style wiki-style-database that will eventually/drastically provide a consistent avenue of information and platform that I look forward daily to.

Here is my resting place for the near future and beyond . . . MORE TO COME SOON!!!!  GETTING LATE AND I’M  TIRED!!!




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SecTech skeleton launch

May 31st, 2013

Purchased domains and placed a skeleton page up for my new domains.  They are: and I have decided to pursue a path towards Secure Technologies and Project Management.  With the extremely alarming amount of individuals needing a better understanding of cyber attacks, social engineering and why certain social media sites really are not a good blend with work ethics, let alone all the other negative effects it may have, I hope to educate and assist those with a better understanding.


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Advanced Learning – Reverse Engineering

February 8th, 2013

Sine the late 1990’s I have occasionally visited this site, emailed its author, enjoyed his replies and have desired to learn so much more about how to learn about the intricacies of how things work, operate and function. It was a very sad day when I learned of his passing. I have tired to learn from this site and put it to good use. There are so many aspects of the IT world that I desire to learn and only so little time. I would encourage only those that have a deep understanding and a further burning desire to fully understand search-lore and Reverse Engineering to visit Fravia’s Teachings

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