Password strength and frequency

With tools making it easier for people to hack/crack passwords, it is becoming more important to use strong passwords. You will also want to get into a good habit of changing them every 60 to 90 days. Once you have a good methodology of doing it the remembering of the new passwords will be easy. There are a couple of easy ways to keep your password simple to you, yet make it more complex. Like if you have to change your password every 90 days add month and year at the end of your password. Also, enclose your password in Special characters. So say I have my cats name patches for my password. To make it better I go (Patches914) this way it is alpha-numeric using upper and lower case and special characters. Then in December I will change it to (Patchers1214) of for January (Patches115). Some make you change it up so much from your previous password, so I may go (Patches!!5) substituting ! for 1’s and / or *Patches!!5*. See how simple it is to still use a simple and easy to remember password that when you change down the road will still be easy to remember? And According to the site (Patches!!5) — It would take a desktop PC about 344 thousand years to crack my password!

I like to use this site to check:

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