This will be the Header or Parent page for my various projects. From here, the overall view of things I’m working, things of interest and a Whiteboard starting point.

My Links page is intended to be a collection of all my favorite sites that aid or benefit some aspect of the Digital World. However, today, when I looked at my Links page I am reminded that I have not contributed or added anything in over a year. Mental note to myself that I need to be more proactive in my own collaboration and collection of “prized” findings of knowledge. ***DISCLAIMER*** I will and do try to make sure that all credit is given to those who create/design/document and I link to. IF I am not claiming it to be my work, it most likely is the work of someone else and I will ‘due diligence’ note/link/credit the person or site that I got my information from. IF it is work of my own, you can rest assured that I’ll make sure it’s known that it is mine.

Website creations –

PetzParadize.infothis is a site that has been creatively dormant for about 2 years. My daughter, at the age of 10, along with her entrepreneurial thoughts, wanted to start a pet-watching and dog walking business. She even, as a business bonus to the customer, studied and achieved her First-Aid and CPR certification for felines and canines. Now, as a parent, I’ve been forever wanting to design the “perfectly elusive” or is that just “elusive” permanent, perfectly designed website for my daughter? – this is the second site with the same standings progress wise as the first that I would like to design for my daughters own personal use. For friends, to show off, while at the same time create an area that she can show off her portfolio and head shots. Both sites are equally important, I’m just not sure which will get done sooner as the summer approaches. – this is where it all started. I’ve had vehicle vanity plates, nicknames and many other aspects of my life that point back to the ever so sure “Instigator” for at least 25+ years now. Hidden inside the pages is my very first personal website that was originally designed and posted in the pages of “Geocites”. It had self looping sound, gif’s and then links to pages that had pictures of cars, mainly 1/4 mile drag race (street racers). In there was also my first contact and learning’s of Fravia. I had lost interest in coding back when I had to turn my Commodore-64 off every night and lose all the code that I had been working on. But Fravia actually put a word to what i liked doing and I would have to say to this day still want to learn more about it, Reverse Engineering.

Along with my link’s page, I also would like to create a similar one that parallels but deals with my paths and findings while working on certifications. I realize that well over $100,000.00 has been spent for my improvement when it comes to computers, networks and the digital world.

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